Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Police Dating Sites In The Murder Investigation Sonia Varaschin

"New Stage" investigate the death of Sonia Varaschin probe dating websites they have visited before his murder, the Star has learned.

The source confirmed the nurse of 42 years, visited several sites before meeting his death in August last year.

Inspector OPP Det. Andy Karski, who recently took the case manager, police said a "new phase" in connection with the investigation, it was announced Wednesday with new details.

Part of this new phase of the review of previous associations Varaschin working and personal relationships.

Sonya was a guy, Ian Rushton, at the time of his murder. The police confirmed as a person of interest, and authorized in the case of the family says they do not believe that it is not linked to the murder.

Relations Rushton left and after a year or two, the source said.

It is not clear whether the people she met at a matchmaking Web sites. We think it was the most active before her encounter with her boyfriend.

Sonia's brother, Lviv, 38, said he knows that his sister to use online dating services, but said he would not comment because the police investigation.

He said, Sonya, and Rushton have met friends.

The source confirmed one of the dating sites was Sonya PlentyOfFish.com.

preachers Daniel, 46, Barry said he recalls Sonia PlentyofFish and recorded. He said he remembers exchanging messages with her and he reported it to police.

"When I contacted the Orangeville police, they already know about them on PlentyofFish, the man said, adding that he never had a date with her.

As the star said Sunday, "said his mother, Sonia, Michelle Varaschin, his daughter had a little conflict in their life cycle in a few weeks before his murder.

Nurse with excellent friction Southlake Regional Health Centre Newmarket before finishing and the adoption of the health situation in Mississauga.

She also had problems closer to home. She called the police more than once on the noisy tenants within walking distance of his hometown of Orangeville, said her mother.

Tenants have left with.

Sonia was once, either late or early August 29 August 30 was attacked in his hometown.

The family noticed he was missing, showing that they were not able to work noon Monday, Aug. 30.

His body was the fifth in September in a wooded area of Caledon.

In the bedroom of his home town was covered with blood and leaving a white Toyota Corolla, which found that Monday was the same as was bloody.

Families and disappointing pace of the investigation that they say the lack of information the police have expressed.

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